S PN S WT C H  Workshop „Spin Momentum Transfer”
Krakow 3 – 5 September 2008


  • Sept. 3 - Burkard Hillebrands - TU Kaiserslautern
"Spin waves in magnetic rings: linear and nonlinear properties, non-local damping"  [ABSTRACT]


  • Sept. 3 - Renata Swirkowicz - Faculty o Physics, Warsaw University of Technology
"Current-induced spin-transfer torque in magnetic tunnel junctions"  [ABSTRACT]
  • Sept. 3 - Wim Van Roy - IMEC, Leuven
"Spin transfer torque point contacts and nanopillars"  [ABSTRACT]
  • Sept. 3 - Julie Grollier - CNRS/THALES Palaiseau
"Phase locking of a spin transfer oscillator to an external microwave current: a milestone for the synchronization of a large assembly of STOs" [ABSTRACT]
  • Sept. 4 - Mathias Klaeui - Fachbereich Physik, Universitaet Konstanz
"Current induced domain wall dynamics"  [ABSTRACT]
  • Sept. 4 - Ursula Ebels - Spintec Grenoble
"Large angle steady state precessions induced by a perpendicular polarizer"  [ABSTRACT]
  • Sept. 5 - Russell Cowburn - Imperial College, London
"Domain wall propagation in artificially structured nanowires"   [ABSTRACT]
  • Sept. 5 - Hideo Ohno - Laboratory for Nanoelectronics and Spintronics, Tohoku University
"Current-induced magnetization switching for next generation integrated circuits"  [ABSTRACT]
  • Sept. 5 - Vitalii Dugaev - Dept. of Mathematics and Applied Physics, Rzeszow University of Technology
"Anomalous spin and Hall effect" [ABSTRACT]
  • Sept. 5 - Takashi Kimura - Otani Laboratory, ISSP, University of Tokyo
"Manipulation of spin current and spin Hall effects in metallic systems"  [ABSTRACT]


  • Sept. 3 - Annerose Helmer - Université Paris-Sud, Orsay
"Quantized spin wave modes in magnetic tunnel junctions"  [ABSTRACT]
  • Sept. 4 - Fernando Castano - Department of Material Science and Engineering, MIT
"Domain wall configurations in multilayer magnetic rings"  [ABSTRACT]
  • Sept. 4 - Damien McGrouther - Department of Physics & Astronomy, University of Glasgow
"Observation of domain wall behaviour in nanowires by Lorentz TEM"  [ABSTRACT]
  • Sept. 4 - Lior Klein - Nano-magnetism Research Center, Bar-Ilan University
"Current-induced manipulation of domain-walls in SrRuO3"  [ABSTRACT]
  • Sept. 4 - Nicoleta Lupu - NIRDTP, Iasi, Romania
"Single and multilayerd magnetic nanowires for spintronics. Preparation and characterization"  [ABSTRACT]
  • Sept. 5 - Clair Baraduc - SPINTEC, CEA/CRNS, Grenoble
"Spin transfer torque and thermally assisted ferromagneticresonance in magnetic tunnel junctions"  [ABSTRACT]


  • Sept. 5 - Pawel Grybos  - Department of Measurement and Instrumentation AGH UST Cracow
"Low Noise Mix-Mode Integrated Circuits for Micro-sensor readout"    [ABSTRACT]
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